Design Patch 17.1 – Sci-Fi

Welcome to 2017. We are adding new programmes into our schedule this year. Here’s the overview: ¹ NEW LOGO: If you are familiar with our previous logo, we have decided to remove the star constellation logogram. The new logo read as SCI- for Sciencewerk and this opens up opportunities for us to play with words for specialized subbrands & services such as programming & coding (SCI-CODE) or illustration products (SCI-FI). ² SERVICES: Social Media Content & Design, Web programming, ECommerce, 2D Animation, and Merchandising. ³ SCI-MIX: We are collaborating with several designers and artists in our circle to mash up the logo into something contradictive and quirky. ⁴ STORE: This experimental store will be up really soon selling lifestyle & art piece made by our designers.