Arek Kampung

Arek Kampung tells a story, a very simple story how people could live and work in modesty among the chaotic metropolitan life. Arek Kampung project aims to create an awareness and identity for five unique Kampungs / Villages that still exist within a modern Surabaya City, those are includes: Kampung Tas, Kampung Kerupuk, Kampung Sepatu, Kampung Kue, and Kampung Tempe. The project deliverables include a memento box contains Story Telling Art Book, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Patch, and Pins that beautifully illustrated to share the spirit of Arek Kampung, each with its own uniqueness.

Designed at Sciencewerk Studio Surabaya. 2016, part of internship project. Scope ranged from Creative and Art direction, Identity Design, Illustration ¹ Art & Creative Direction, Danis Sie. ² Designer Juvensia Wibowo, Marcella Kartika, Dera Chandra. ³ Photography Claudia Pranata.

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