Fine Tune

Tune’s identity is presented as elegant and unfussy, with vintage-tinged graphics used to lend on a classic luxe nuance. All promotional and marketing elements are printed on high- grade materials: the company card silkscreened on curious SKIN, and envelopes and letterheads on grey colored wood-free paper. Some printed materials are also printed on leather, as to enhance Tune’s “classic” approach. As Tune is also as a chic lifestyle center, its décor mixes eclecticism with luxury. Included are multicolored ower-shaped lights resting on the back-walls, the kindly oriental waiter- shaped lamp, or painted violins hung above the wooden ceilings.

e logo re ects the restaurant and wine bar’s harmony-driven approach, with a tuning fork graphic to symbolize the “synchronizing” process that occurs between a customer’s need for quality meal and Tune’s prized menu. e added signal wave graphic above the tuning fork represents a call for customers to come and have a taste of Tune. is signal is shown as a ickering animation on selected medium. e sign responds to sound and motion, ickering primarily to attract customers but also adding to Tune’s lively aesthetics.

Designed elements include: Lyrical Wine Bag –
To re ect the musical harmony nuance that Tune suggests, the “lyrical wine bag” features quirky texts printed on a wine bag. Examples include: “Classy Hangover”, “Bottled Poetry”, and “Cheaper an erapy”. Paper Bag – Small sized paper bags, available for takeaways, features both similar texts as above and a tuning fork, acting as a “hunger signal” wherever the customer may be. Larger sized paper bags utilize more conventional vintage culinary graphics such as wines, olive, artichoke, etc. Pizza Box – Made out of food-grade paper, the pizza box features an appropriate blend of the Tune logo and a round of pizza.

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