Fishmen & Ricewine

The Fishmen and Rice Wine project is a proposed concept for the rebranding of a local rice wine originating from Setouchi, a city located in the southern Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Rice Enoir, simply meaning black rice, is a sake made from Kodaimai Rice possessing a refreshing fruity taste and a harmonious balance of sweet and sour. e sake also contains abundance of minerals including polyphenol that is famed for its health and beauty bene ts among young women.

Setouchi, the origin place of the sake, is famed for its shery business and inspired the focal point of the proposed redesign. e packaging, featuring a “Ningyo”, directly translated as “ shmen”, is a mythical creature from the Japanese folklore that is quite literally a sh with the a human head. e illustration, drawn by Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono, narrates a surrealistic tale of a shmen brewing sake while the logo is designed as a harmonious symbolism of rice grains and the sea.

As sake has been around since as far back as 712 AD, it is both a representation of the days gone by and the endurance of Japanese traditions. e redesigned bottle, made of glass to keep it modern, is then topped with a wooden cap to keep the sake’s traditional aspect alive.

Designed at Sciencewerk Studio Surabaya. Proposed Concept year 2013 for Rice Enoir, Japan. Scope ranged from Creative and Art direction, Identity, Packaging, and Label Design. ¹ Art & Creative Direction, Danis Sie. ² Illustration Roby Dwi Antono. ³ Copywriting Devina Sugono.

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