Mad Lab

A seemingly predictable iteration of the concept of ‘Mad Lab’, Basha Market – Mad Lab is designed as an all-white labyrinth containing hundreds of rooms displaying unique ideas and creations by local ‘Mad Scientists’. Unlike its previous predecessors, however, this Mad Lab combines retail, exhibition and a collaborative space to create a bona de “mad” destination.

Mad Lab brings to the table a monochromatic palette complemented by strong lines and a futuristic direction. Key graphics reimagine famous gures from paintings by Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli and Leornado Da Vinci as robotic substitutes assembled using nuts and bolts, while images of modern innovations such as the WIFI router, smartphone and even the ‘sel e-stick’ are subtly embedded within the illustrations as a sardonic reminder of the addiction of today’s generation to these gadgets.

e third chapter of Basha Market also brings forward the concept of a collaborative stage where ideas and experiments collide that is aptly named “Basha X”. Staying true to the theme of Mad Lab, Basha X presents a collaboration between 4 creative studios – Sciencewerk, AR&Co, Main Studios and WAFT Lab, to present a multidimensional project fondly entitled “What You See Is Not What You Get (WYSINWYG)”. is ambitious project spans design, robotics and augmented reality to create an interactive entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Among the installations presented are “Kinetic Diet” featuring robots and arti cial food made of waste electronic pieces that can move, shake and create static noises, “Transmogrify” that presents screens where visitors can transform themselves into unique robotic characters, and an augmented reality mobile app that allowed visitors to hunt for markers and nd a hidden character embedded within the illustrations spread across the venue.

Designed at Sciencewerk Studio Surabaya. 2015 for Trope. Scope ranged from Creative and Art direction, Identity Design. ¹ Art & Creative Direction, Danis Sie. ² Designer Yosephine Azalia / Danis Sie. ³ Interactive Credits to WAFT LAB / AR&CO / Main Studios

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