Suiko The Water Tiger

Suiko, located beside the Qian River in Hangzhou, China, is concept store selling the nest eyewear from Japan. “Suiko”, directly translated to “Water Tiger”, is a mythical creature found in both China and Japan. In creating the brand’s identity, Sciencewerk infused both Chinese and Japanese elements in its design. Applying smooth, curved lines that symbolize the gentle river where the Suiko resides, the overall design alludes to both the location of the store and the legend behind its namesake. e logo, inspired by the Japanese family crest (kamon), depicts an imposing tiger with an S-shaped tail representing the brand’s initial. while waves adorn the packaging and stationery. A key element of Suiko’s stationery includes the unique business card that also functions as a matchstick holder to engage the customer.

Designed at Sciencewerk Studio Surabaya. 2014 for Suiko, China. Scope ranged from Creative and Art direction, Identity Design. ¹ Art & Creative Direction, Danis Sie. ² Designer Adji Herdanto. ³ Photography Evelina Kristanti.

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