Taleful Thursday Treats

Woobbee, derived from the Chinese word ”无比” or “wu bi”, is translated as “without competition”. Woobbee specializes in serving fresh premium tea that is brewed daily using the nest ingredients. e use of raw sugar in all their tea can be attributed to the rm’s dedication towards making all their products as health-friendly as possible.

Tasked with the rejuvenation of the brand, Sciencewerk forged a new concept using a modernized logotype. e new logo, inspired by a circle grid, and the refreshing bright yellow pantone create a refreshed and modern look. Keeping in mind Woobbee’s original logo of a speech bubble, Sciencewerk applied witty sentences and rhymes to the new packaging and stationery as a secret conversation between the brand and its customers eg. Taleful ursday Treats, Tasty Toast Tea Time Tidbits, et cetera. e redesigned cups, adorned with a “mood forecast” such as “500cc of calm atmosphere” and “700cc of bright sunshine”, also aids in engaging the customer and keeping the conversation alive.

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