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Basha Market is an exciting thematic bazaar, marking the first of its kind in Surabaya in 2014 and featuring carefully curated vendors from fashion to food and beverages. At Basha Market, we're fostering a community where young entrepreneurs come together to celebrate the beauty of creativity and innovation. This event brings together rows of young Indonesian entrepreneurs. Sciencewerk played a key role in conceptualizing and designing the experience concept, identity and creative direction for Basha Market's event from 2014 to present. This page will showcase the evolution from traditional graphics to digital installations, featuring various themes relevant to our current society.

The Basha experience has always been defined by three key elements since 2014. First is The Experience Space, an artistic and creative entrance that showcases a theme and introduces Surabaya to new and artistic visuals in an immersive way. Then there's The Retail Space, a shopping area with hundreds of lifestyle vendors and brands. Finally, there's The Dining Space, featuring food and beverage brands from Indonesia, providing a comfortable space for people to sit and enjoy their meals. The strategy involved conceptualizing a unique format, breaking the norm, and now it has become a standard bazaar format in Indonesia.




Back in 2014, local creative events usually didn't incorporate illustration or art. In our inaugural event, we collaborated with Surabaya illustrator Yosephine Azalia, who is now a partner and art director at Sciencewerk. During the early days of Instagram when people were seeking out Instagrammable places, we strategically adopted this approach to establish the first bazaar in Indonesia with an Instagram-worthy spot at the entrance.


Exploration of the unknown


The edition provided an opportunity to delve into more experimental illustrations and spatial arrangements. Hyperspace, built in 2015, aimed for a futuristic visual to assess how the local community perceives this rare, almost unprecedented event in Surabaya. Traditionally adorned with vibrant, colorful tones, we opted for the opposite approach. The presentation featured an edgy format, pattern play, and a simple storyline about an astronaut and its space chimp stranded in space.

Mad Lab

Error & Experiment