A botanical world takes shape and form

PEGGY HARTANTO's design aesthetic consistently draws inspiration from nature. Whether in silhouette, color, texture, or detailing, her keen observations of flowers influence the hemlines, drapery, and collars across many of her collections. Marking its 10-year milestone, Peggy Hartanto commemorates the occasion with the exhibition "Synthesis" at Orasis Art Space in Surabaya. This interactive exhibition unfolds the narrative of the label's decade-long voyage, unveiling pivotal pieces and collections that mirror the past while offering glimpses of the future.

The Synthesis Figure takes center stage as the primary identity character for the exhibition. It is a representation where people are fused together with tree-like objects, creating a surreal visual experience.

Synthesis Identity

The logo is designed to be modular and can be read both vertically and horizontally, symbolizing the synthesis process. It is accompanied by a surreal, tree-like figure where a person is fused with a plant, creating an iconic and surreal representation of Synthesis, reminiscent of a person wearing Peggy Hartanto's pieces. Presented in three-dimensional formats and flat icons, the 3D format is intended for digital use, and the flat icon serves as an iconic guide for event characters, as well as for the logo on collaboration tee shirts. The new clover leaf is part of Peggy Hartanto's new branding designed by Nusae. 

The Journey

The gallery area, in collaboration with Platform Studio, presents a journey through the design process of Peggy Hartanto, showcasing sketches and key collections presented in both digital and print format. Visitors can learn about the brand's past and catch a glimpse of its future. 

The Synthesis

"Synthesis" stands as the focal installation, embodying the essence of the entire event. This suspended, wind-reactive installation adopts a direct, interactive, and iconic approach, encouraging people to enter and relish an enjoyable experience. Attendees can engage fully with the tree, merging with the artwork and enveloped by Peggy Hartanto's distinct pattern. The emphasis on fun is a crucial element, aiming to set this event apart from the more traditionally serious tone of fashion exhibitions.

The main exhibition, titled "The Journey," showcases the key collections through an interactive touch screen display. It features sketches, techniques, collaborative artworks, and everything in between, providing a comprehensive recap of Peggy Hartanto's journey.

Garden of Fantasia

"Garden of Fantasia" draws inspiration from the familiar gardens of the world. Crafted by local artists, it is made from 300,000 recycled bamboo sticks, colored in vibrant fuchsia hues. The garden serves as a visual representation of the botanical world campaigns, which will be expanded in the future to bring popular gardens to our neighborhood. Within the garden, people can relish an outdoor picnic, enjoying special edition macarons and drinks from Monopole Coffee.

Beyond Synthesis

The Synthesis project goes beyond a single event, embracing an entire campaign focused on establishing Peggy Hartanto's "Botanical World." This style will subsequently be employed in future activations and installations to consistently showcase Peggy Hartanto's unique leaf patterns.

For Oppo Find N3 X Peggy Hartanto

Jo Elaine

Platform Architect

Mariska Setiawan

Savory Pasticceria


Project Director
Evelina Kristanti

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Daniel Kris

Daniel Kris
Ramadhan Surya
Anneta Dewi