Bottega & Artisan

Eye of Curiosity

Bottega & Artisan flagship store. Designed as more than just a showroom; it's a gallery with a poetic journey exhibiting the "finest materials". Guided by a surreal figure represented by the eye on every floor and in unexpected corners, where every detail can be seen with the eye of curiosity. Our scope includes the the experience design, environmental graphic, wayfinding, and artworks for the whole building. 

Collaboration with Studio Tempa

Designed as a focal point within the building, the eye figure stands out as a unique guide, navigating visitors through the gallery and infusing a playful quirkiness into the wayfinding experience. Positioned prominently at the building entrance, the main installation boasts collaborative artwork by Studio Tempa.

Traversing the World

The curious eyes appear to explore the land, sea, and sky, adapting to a background made from Bottega Artisan's tile collections, which draw inspiration from global patterns and the natural occurrences of marbles. They fly to the platform, symbolizing the floor art gallery concept on the third floor.

Narratives & Gallery

The showroom isn't just a regular display space—it's more like an art gallery with an exhibition area on the fourth floor and a café on the first floor. The goal is to create a special atmosphere that catches people's attention. The wayfinding system combines information on the floors with installations, all tied together with poetic narratives about the journey.

Architect & Interior Collaboration

Collaborating with Surabaya architects Budi Kurniawan, Jade Architect, and Paulus Setyabudi. Budi Kurniawan Studio presents a meticulously designed space. Notably, the iconic luxuriuous-futuristic red lobby, Interstellar, has garnered several prestigious awards. Additionally, the top-floor event space, named The Platform, showcases a unique mezzanine concept reminiscent of the sky, designed by Paulus Setyabudi. In the artisan gallery area, a rattan installation by BYOLiving floats above, following a maze-inspired pattern that serves as the primary inspiration for the poem written on the floor.

Architect & Interior
Budi Kurniawan
Paulus Setyabudi
JADE Architect

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Graphic Designer
Yosephine Azalia

Daniel Kris