Computer Love

The Age of Digital Zombie

As a bi-annual event, we were assigned to create a thematic design for thematic market and bazaar caters for curated local creative brands. The scope for the design’s task area ranging from illustrations works, printed marketing collaterals, interactive installation areas and digital media content such as animated motion, video mapping

Theme on Computer was based on the raw idea of today’s society numbness due to overbearing immersion on digital technology. Key Illustrations were developed based on the concept of fundamental related entities and phrases that forms the core of digital age like binary, bits, pixels and so on. Several dedicated areas within the exhibition hall, set up for various digital installations and artworks, where visitors were encourage to interact and have fun with.

Motion Graphics

Motion design featuring the concept of digital zombies and internet life transitioning into the dark web. The exploration delves into the darker aspects of social media, computers, and the internet, symbolized by a horde of walking digital zombies that could represent us.

Sci Dots

It's an opportunity for our designer to craft a series of fonts crafted from dots, drawing inspiration from square pixels but transforming them into a dot-based design. This distinctive typeface is then applied across all collaterals and serves as an installation in the immersive digital area, where it takes on a dynamic motion design.

Feed the Zombie 

We have also designed and developed a mobile game suitable for space use, employing a sarcastic approach to feeding the digital zombie. It is a button-mashing game where players must send electronic currency to awaken the next generation of zombies; otherwise, they will remain dormant. The winner of the space game will receive a special voucher sponsored by a local bank.

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Type Designer
Noel Oppliger

Yosephine Azalia

Arief Bahari