ET Tea Bar

Extra Terrestrial

ET is a tea bar and dessert cafe based in Indonesia. This is a happy space where people could enjoy the magic of cosmic experience, nebula-inspired drinks, and all sorts of space oddities mixed into one place. This space-themed dessert bar is designed by using holographic and spectrum prints across the collaterals and interior to captivate every visitor. Also featuring pop-culture mascots used in the design such as alien, space cat, and astronaut that also used as merchandise.

Space Pop Culture

"ET," playfully abbreviated for Extra Terrestrial, features pop-culture mascots like aliens, space cats, and astronauts in its design, which are also incorporated into merchandise. These whimsical elements contribute to the overall experience as users enjoy nebula-like drinks in a joyous space setting. It's a delightful space adventure in the making.

Cosmic Balance

The ET Space is inspired by the chromatic expanse of space, seamlessly blended into pastel colors to evoke a retro-futuristic ambiance. Each drink is meticulously crafted to resemble a space-inspired concoction, drawing from the vibrant hues of nebulae—a refreshing take on modern conceptual beverages. The overall space design fosters a dynamic environment that transitions between day and night, resembling a captivating space arcade after dark.