Fine Tune

Synchronizing the flavors and perceptions

Tune's identity is presented as elegant and unfussy, incorporating vintage-tinged graphics to evoke a classic luxe ambiance. All promotional and marketing elements are printed on high-grade materials: the company card is silk-screened on Curious Skin, while envelopes and letterheads are on grey-colored wood-free paper. Some printed materials are also produced on leather, enhancing Tune's "classic" approach. As Tune doubles as a chic lifestyle center, its décor blends eclecticism with luxury, featuring multicolored flower-shaped lights on back walls, oriental waiter-shaped lamps, and painted violins hung above wooden ceilings.

The logo mirrors the restaurant and wine bar's harmony-driven approach, incorporating a tuning fork graphic to symbolize the "synchronizing" process between a customer's need for a quality meal and Tune's prized menu. The added signal wave graphic above the tuning fork represents a call for customers to experience Tune. This signal is shown as a flickering animation on selected mediums, responding to sound and motion to attract customers and contribute to Tune's lively aesthetics.

Restaurant & Wine Bar

Completed in the year 2013, this space was meticulously crafted to exude an air of opulence. Boasting a unique wine cellar concept, intimate wooden private rooms, and a main room resembling an art gallery, the design is nothing short of extraordinary. The atmosphere within is a marvel, adorned with a vibrant array of colors and eclectic decor.