What we want, What we wish

Haluu, meaning “wants” in Finnish, is a satirical exploration of desires. An exhibition of the physical embodiment of society’s desires, Haluu presents mundane objects and situations in absurd and mind-boggling ways. A whimsical journey of oddity – one tinged with explosions of colors. Haluu could also represent hallucination in Indonesian, and we play with hallucinated eyes as the main visual branding element. Designed with ofsorts.

Haluu is characterized by a distinctive representation featuring numerous hallucinated eyes, serving as its primary identity icon. This unique identity extends its presence across various collaterals and merchandise within the retail space. The characters and objects showcased become integral elements of subsequent installations, enriching the overall experience. Beyond the immersive installations, our creative approach extends to designing invitations, exemplified by a memorable and whimsical touch. For instance, we crafted invitations resembling Kaleng Kerupuk (a keropok can) containing edible keropok for influencers. This not only offers a simple and cost-effective invitation but also carries a deeper message, subtly infusing a touch of sarcasm with the notion of 'hiburan receh' (light entertainment) in Indonesia, reminding us of the joy found in life's simple pleasures.

The Society's Deepest Desire


Concepts and narratives for installations unfold across multiple rooms, delving into the profound human desires encompassing love, money, fame, beauty, memories, and all aspects of life. These elements are intricately packed into a singular event, creating an Instagrammable popup exhibition that captures the essence of diverse human experiences.

Overgrowth – Entering the bullshit zone. In this room, there is a small restroom designed to appear as a disposal for all the bullshit. The 'discarded' nonsense progressively grows and fills the entire walls of the room. Visitors are warned to be careful and not 'consume' all the nonsense present.

Moulin Rouge – I want longer legs, I want longer neck, I want the most fabulous outfits in town. When someone is overly obsessed with becoming beautiful, they will undoubtedly become very competitive and willingly do anything to fulfill their desire, even if it involves doing unreasonable things. The Moulin Rouge room represents this state with pink color covering all the walls and several mannequins hanging upside down adorned with women's accessories. The spotlights in the room also depict the 'giraffes' in this context who love to be the center of attention.

Carousel of Life – Tick, tock. Hop on for the ride before your time is up!. This room depicts a carousel symbolizing human life. Visitors are encouraged to ride this carousel to the best of their ability before it stops. The room conveys a message that every individual should cherish every second of their time before they leave this world.

Fondest Memories – A room born from the best memories. The room with a can of crackers and a bowl of noodles is the most popular among visitors. Crafted to resemble a warmindo stall, this room is designed to ensure visitors remember the taste of home wherever they go in the future. Collaboration with Indomie. Besides the mentioned rooms, there are many other captivating spaces in Haluu World. "Fish in the Ocean" illustrates human greed, "Sand of Possibility" tells the story of human choices in facing challenges or avoiding them, and "Castle in the Sky" features a wishing well.

Design & Interior

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Project Director
Devina Sugono

Art Director
Yosephine Azalia

Yosephine Azalia
Marcella Susanto

Arief Bahari