LEXI The Flying Tiger

Where leaves grow wild and banquets never stop

Lexi emerges as a botanical dining haven nestled in Bandung. This affordable eatery boasts a laid-back ambiance akin to a greenhouse, teeming with vibrant plant life. We crafted the holistic identity design, featuring a mascot - a whimsical tiger, embodying a laid-back royal demeanor. This tiger, akin to a jungle monarch, purrs like a cat, daydreaming and marking its territory through ripped paper accents across collaterals. Our material selection involves deliberately tearing papers to mimic the distinctive markings of a tiger. Concerning the ambiance, Lexi's spatial branding evokes the essence of a tiger's den, incorporating a botanical jungle concept, strategically placed rocks, tiger's claw motifs, treasure marks, and an array of tribal and botanical patterns seamlessly integrated into the interior space.

Botanical Dining


Conteur Interior has meticulously crafted the interior, drawing inspiration from a tiger's den, incorporating elements such as red bricks, natural materials, and lush greenery in every nook. The design embodies a botanical concept, creating a space where patrons can relish budget-friendly dining experiences immersed in a natural ambiance. 

To enhance the environmental graphics, we are incorporating posters and distinctive tiger claw motifs into every detail of the interior including the door handles, walls, and many more.

Interior Design
Conteur Interior

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Art Director
Yosephine Azalia

Project Director
Evelina Kristanti

Yosephine Azalia
Anneta Dewi
Hanif Akhyar