Screen time, Overtime, Lockdown

Experiential installation based on the "Survival Guide" project by Sciencewerk when the pandemic hit back in 2020, marking the beginning of a global crisis impacting the creative industry. This installation features opinions, statements, strategies, and pandemic rants from creative individuals in 5 countries visualized into a motion installation. Designed with UPSTRS_, the installation darkroom represents how people are surrounded by digital stuff in their daily life to do activities. Exhibited at SIDFEST @ Singapore National Design Center

The experiential space plays tvs surrounding the user when enter the dark room, With sound effect of glitches and white noises of computer creating a sense of overwhelming. The screen represent how we work during covid, getting locked at home, interacting with other people, work, meeting only through digital matters.

Survival Guide Book

The installations draw inspiration from a self-initiated project, the Survival Guide book, which emerged from interviews conducted with various studios and creative individuals during the Covid Lockdown. This project served as a means to reconnect with friends. Subsequently, all the shared stories and statements were transformed into a typographic artwork, consolidated into a singular book.