Milieu Space

A milieu is a surrounding culture.

Milieu is a conceptual creative space located in Surabaya, hosting small to medium corporate and private events, exhibitions, and creative gatherings. The design is predominantly inspired by a white blank canvas, and our scope includes space conceptualization, interior art direction, facade design, and identity design. Designed in three parts: Milieu Retail floor with a small cafe and local brands, Milieu Work – a coworking space with small offices for local businesses, and Milieu Space, consisting of the Cactus Deck by Specimenwerk and The White Canvas where people typically hold their events and exhibitions.

The Papers

As part of the environmental graphic design, we created signage and a journey based on Empty paper – a playful representation of random thoughts, akin to artists sketching their endless ideas. This concept is playfully embedded throughout the signage, resulting in an installation-based, unique signage experience.

The Constellation

We incorporated a second layer into the facade strategically positioned in the white canvas area to shield against the intense western sun. This additional layer features an artistic representation of a thousand stars in the galaxy, showcasing various constellations. During the day, the natural light permeates the room, and at night, it beautifully illuminates the stars on the front facade.

BK Studio

Light Installation
Cassia Studio

Creative & Art Direction
Danis Sie

Interior Styling
Danis Sie

Daniel Kris

Graphic Designer
Natasha Ng
Yosephine Azalia