Peau Jeune

Bloom and Grow

Peau Jeune Skincare products are thoughtfully crafted using high-quality, nature-based ingredients and advanced Swiss Apple Stem Cell technology. These elements synergize to effectively restore healthy skin. The essence of Peau Jeune revolves around the belief that radiant skin mirrors a healthy lifestyle. To convey this philosophy, we have developed a compelling narrative called "Bloom and Grow," representing both the product and the brand as a whole. Aligning with this concept, our packaging is designed to be luxurious, minimizing the use of glue and providing a unique opening experience with contrasting colors that captivate from the outside. The custom logomark of Peau Jeune draws inspiration from the contour of turning leaves, symbolizing rebirth and renewal

Blooming Experience

For Peau Jeune's packaging concept, we've created designs that evoke a blossoming effect when opened—an experience akin to unfolding a fully bloomed flower that opens on all sides automatically. This effect not only adds a unique touch to the product but also brings a delightful experience to users at home. Additionally, it allows people to engage with the story embedded within the packaging, a departure from the conventional approach of having all information written outside the packaging.

Account Director
Evelina K

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Art Director
Yosephine Azalia

Graphic Designer
Yosephine Azalia
Anneta Dewi