Pitu Rooms

Ji Ro Lu Pat Mo Nem Tu

Pitu Rooms stands out as a distinct 7-room hotel, renowned for being the slimmest of its kind in Indonesia, with a mere 280cm width in its entirety. The hotel’s innovative concept resembles a vertical gallery, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their artwork along its walls. To establish a quirky and one-of-a-kind ambiance, we carefully crafted the hotel’s identity, guest experience, and branding. PITU, meaning ‘seven’ in Javanese, serves as both the hotel’s name and inspiration for its iconic mascot.

PITU Rooms, designed and owned by the architect Ary Indra, operates under the notion that everything is possible even in limited space and location. It serves as a unique way to promote Salatiga through its iconic design. Another challenge involves breaking away from the typical mindset of the hotel industry, which is accustomed to superlative terms such as the largest, the tallest, and the most luxurious.


Drawing from Javanese folklore, PITU’s iconic character takes after ‘Buto,’ a black giant known for occasionally causing chaos wherever he roams. Embracing the chaos as part of the hotel’s unique branding, PITU proudly presents itself as a creative and unconventional destination. We give characters to BUTO with it’s distinctive big looking body can actually fits to any spaces. 

Embrace the Chaos

The essence of PITU is deeply embedded in a typographic approach, wherein each type effortlessly integrates into any given space, mirroring the adaptability seen in its lovable BUTO. The design ethos is characterized by its spontaneity, eschewing rigid guidelines and embracing the principles of freedom of expression and inclusivity. Despite this liberating approach, the brand maintains a playful demeanor, striking a balance between expressive freedom and a sense of playfulness.

Experience in Limited Space

The brand communicates through "javanglish," a delightful blend of Javanese language with an English accent. This linguistic style playfully nods to the distinctive Jakarta Selatan accent, offering a more localized twist. The overall design exudes a charming randomness and spontaneity. 

The environment boasts the smallest lift imaginable, designed to carry just one person—reminiscent of science fiction pods. Poems are scattered throughout, offering visitors a chance to read and discover interesting stories in every corner. You'll also find Ngopo Ngopi, a charming coffee shop, in the communal dining room, and a lounge with a picturesque view of Mount Merbabu. As for the gym, PITU takes a unique approach. There's no need for a traditional gym because visitors can simply walk from the top to the bottom and back multiple times, with calorie counters conveniently placed on the stairs. 

Vertical Gallery

PITU inviting the artists to infuse their creativity and transform the space into a vertical canvas for their artwork, whether it relates to the space and branding or takes its own direction. Picture it as a vertical gallery, much like Hogwarts' grand staircase, with delightful surprises waiting in every corner. Be it a digital installation, artwork, or poetry, there's always something to captivate and inspire. PITU embrace chaos and a spontaneous approach as part of our celebration of creativity.

Ary Indra

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Graphic Designer
Anneta Dewi

Daniel Kris

Alodia Yap
Ridho Scoot
Oggz Goy
Eldwin Pradipta