Planet Z

Escapism and Anxiety

As part of the Basha Market installation design, we created a room dedicated to escapism, defined by a vibrant array of colors. Furthermore, a digital installation features an intriguing, seemingly endless conversation between two AI entities discussing future human challenges.

Articial Intelligence

The planet Z area is a room potrayed as escapism room inside the  human mind. It projected the aura of moods with captivating color , asmr vibe room, and suspended UFO installation to represent The unknown future. 
The screen showcasing a conversation between two AIs talking about human future and this generation challenges from the perspective of the AI, the conversation is a never ending, a looping conversation prompted from a single command. 

Anxiety Wormhole

The so-called anxiety wormhole serves as an introductory space preceding the main area. Infused with dynamic graphics and flashes of colorful hues, this tunnel evokes a sense of rush, capturing the feeling of anxiety and mood rush. 

The tunnel is an immersive experience comprising a vibrant spectrum of colors, meticulously programmed to display an array of different hues and patterns, ensuring that no two visitors undergo the same encounter. As one traverses through this captivating space, they encounter a mesmerizing journey of visuals, ranging from dynamic black and white patterns to dazzling gradients that flash and seamlessly shift throughout the entire hall.


There are small corners where you can encounter the character CHON. CHON represents a mnemonic acronym for elements that compose our human lifeform: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. CHON's characters are shaped like atomic creatures, juggling the challenges of daily life — from the everyday hustle to navigating money matters, anxiety, thoughts, work, competition, identity crisis, and even automation. Displayed in the small display with adorable moving motion. 

Sandwich Gen

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Art Director
Yosephine Azalia

Project Director
Evelina K

Anneta Dewi

Daniel Kris

Motion Graphic
Arief Bahari