Social Barn

Socially Cultured Social Animal

Social Barn is a coffee shop and a bistro situated in Makassar, near the vibrant Palopo Beach tourism area, drawing people in for coffee, breakfast, and brunch. It offers a unique blend of a coffee shop atmosphere coupled with casual dining. The menu spans from the casual cuisine from the west to the east, presenting innovative approaches to coffee and mocktail. Our scope includes the overall identity, environmental branding, and aligned it with the brand's tagline and storyline, "Socially Cultured, Social Animal." The logo stands out as an iconic, ultra-modern representation of the brand.

Inspired by the narrative, "Socially Cultured, Social Animal," we designed the tagline that captures the essence of our gathering space. This tagline serves as a guiding principle, fostering a community of socially engaged individuals who share an appreciation for good company, good coffee, good food. To emphasize this theme, the tagline is display the as a distinctive graphic in the lobby ceiling area, serving as a constant reminder to visitors.

Identity Design

The design emphasizes a simple and minimalistic approach with a contemporary touch, primarily crafted in a clean aesthetic with metallic elements to introduce a sense of coolness. The blue color palette distinguishes it from neighboring establishments and serves as a representation of the sea. The logo adopts a geometric and simplistic approach, deriving its shape from a coffee bean while forming the capital letters SB for Social Barn, creating an iconic monogram.

Creative Director
Danis Sie

Graphic Designer
Yosephine Azalia
Anneta Dewi

Daniel Kris

Collateral Photos