UNIQLO Feel The Sea

Feel The Sea

Uniqlo's T-shirt brand, UT, made its debut in Indonesia and collaborated with three Southeast Asian artists and studios to craft design motifs reflecting the cultures of Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Sciencewerk designed lively and iconic graphics inspired by the strength of water and the sea. The primary identity for the entire graphic series is a heart symbol, complemented by quirky isometric graphics featuring black and white lines to symbolize water as the essential element of life in Southeast Asia. This includes playful representations of events like the rainy season flood, volcanic eruption, banana season, and more.

Embracing adversity

Drawn from the designer's personal experiences, encompassing everything from seasonal floods and various magnitudes of tsunamis to explosive mountains, the collection captures the resilience of the people in Southeast Asia. Despite facing adversity, they continue to embrace life, symbolized by the joyous and consistent presence of bananas throughout the year.




Project Director
Danis Sie

Illustration & Art
Yosephine Azalia