Logoplay, here and there

In collaboration with OfSorts, we created spaces that seamlessly blend retail, digital installations, and environmental graphic design for several significant activation projects for Uniqlo. These spaces showcase distinctive and impactful artwork, with playful variations and experimentation involving the Uniqlo logo and identity. It's here and there throughout the year and seasons.


As part of the environmental graphics for Fitfest 2022 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, a digital installation featuring the cube play was created. This visual exploration showcases the 3D motion of UNIQLO's main logo, along with the subbranding of FitFest identity.

Simple Cube

Presented at UNIQLO SS2022 at Senayan City, the exhibit includes distinct sections such as Logoplay Skyline and other areas inspired by the new collection, each dedicated to imagination, skyline, flowers, and a holiday beach.

Interior & Build

Creative Direction
Danis Sie

Motion & Designer
Yosephine Azalia
Arief Bahari